Ladies' Only Practice Group

Hello Lady Shooters!

I would like to share a great idea with all of you.  Kippi Leatham and I have started up an organized practice session held once a month here in the East Valley of Phoenix, Arizona (Mesa).  Several of the local lady shooters  gather the first Sunday afternoon of every month to work on a couple drills that we all take turns designing.  We run through each drill until we've learned something. Then if time permits, we combine both drills to create a course of fire containing the new skills we have acquired.

Maybe this is something you can start within your own club!!!  Make sure you check back for updated information as I will be sharing our discoveries along the way!  If you have questions or comments, please send me an e-mail at">

Of course, if you find yourself here in Phoenix on the first Sunday of the month, come join us!!  We would love to practice with you!!!

Happy Shooting!!

Debbie and Kippi


Following the World Shoot in Bali

The World Shoot in Bali is fast approaching! The match starts Oct 27th and goes through Nov 1st with the Shoot offs being Nov 2nd.  I am hoping to have some great photos to share upon my return.  But, during the match you can track the progress of your favorite USA Competitors.  Log on to click to enter the site then on the left there should be different options for you to explore.  Photos, results etc.

In previous years there has been an area where you could send messages to competitors wishing them well.  If that is an option, I would highly recommend you write to your favorite people.  It is really appreciated on the other end.

Most of the hotels have business centers so we can e-mail you folks back home to tell our tall stories of range woes or how we wish you were here sharing the tropical experience and cocktails with us!!

Stay tuned for new writings and photos to come!!!

Wishing you happiness in the "A" Zone!



New Gear for 2008

Hello Everyone!  I have a new holster to discuss.  It's the Arredondo holster AHS-02 and it comes with the option to accommodate those guns with rounded trigger guards! No more tilting of the muzzle while holstered!!

This holster has two positions in which to draw from.  One position is a strong hold for courses used as a holster test or for start positions that require additional movements prior to drawing the gun.  The other position is a very quick draw but is still retaining the gun in a safe manner.  Of course, the holster does have a standard locked position for behind the line.

It is a tiny bit "time consuming" to use due to the fact that there is more than one option.  At the start of the stage you will generally have it in the "quick draw" position.  This means when you have completed the stage and are ready to holster and lock the gun in; you will have to push the button on the holster down, holster the gun, then push the button up to lock it.  It's one added step before the start of the stage and at the end.  Still, I think it's worth the extra step to have the options.

Another nice feature of this holster is how lightweight it is.  I can really tell the difference. It is less weight and pressure on my hips.  This is important when you are shooting a 2, 3, 4 or even 5 day match.  I don't know about you, but I usually have bruised hips after shooting a match that's 3 or more days long.

My holster is shown here in purple (surprise, surprise) but it comes in red, blue, or black to match YOUR choice of color ensemble!

Please visit Arredondo Accessories website (see my sponsors section) for a complete instructional breakdown of the holster's function. While you're there, check out Ralph's other products.  They are all quality items and he stands behind his work!

Thank you Ralph for always thinking a step beyond good....better!

Oops, guess I have no excuse for my slow draws anymore....



Arredondo Accessories

Fellow shooters,

I would like to tell you about my latest Arredondo Accessories acquisition.

As many of you know, I've been using Ralph's base pads for my pistol for years.  They have held up to the abuse of falling on the ground numerous times and even sometimes concrete.

Well, I just recently shot my first rifle match (to be discussed at a later time).  Of course I have equiped my AR with the Arredondo Mag bases, mag well, mag yoke and mag button.  All of which made the manipulation of the gun easier for me.

Ralph's prices are reasonable and the products will last a lifetime!  You can visit the Arredondo Accessories website by clicking on the sponsors link on my website.

Wishing you fast reloads,




Grip is everything when you are shooting.  If you can't hang on to the gun then you are going to have problems with your accuracy.

You need to be able to have a solid hold on the gun yet be able to move it around in your hand when reloading or switching hands when required.  How about those hot days when sweaty hands become an issue?   Here is what you need....

The product is called "AGrip".  Oh my gosh, what wonderful stuff!!!!  It's looks and feels like an ultrasuede material but better. You can wrap it around your grips in any form you wish!!   It's comfortable to the touch, allows you to move the gun around when necessary, but is firmly there for you when you need to just hang on.  Pretty much like a good friend!!  Because it's fabric, it absorbs the moisture from your hands so those sweaty palms are not an issue anymore.

Have you ever shot a course of fire when you had to start with your hands in a bucket of water?  It's not even an issue if you have AGrip on your gun.

Now I'm sure you are asking "how do I get some of this stuff?".  I'll give you the website:  Or, go to my "sponsors" page and click on AGrip.  Oh yeah, it comes in several colors also.  You'll see my gear with purple AGrip.

Holding your gun with AGrip is as comforting as holding hands with the one you love.  Ok, so I'm getting a little over the top.  But truly, give it a try.



True Blue is Blue Wonder

Do you use Blue Wonder Products!?  Well, I do so I'm going to share my experience with you.

The cleaner comes in two forms, tube and Fast Blast spray.  They both work very well and I like the fact the product is bio degradeable!   Yes folks, there is an alternative to Hoppes!

I was SOLD on another brand of lubricant which I still use, but not exclusively anymore!  Blue Wonder's Disotec XFR is "slicker than snott" (sorry to be gross) but that is what we all want!  I've shot the gun a few times without re applying and it still functions very smoothly!

The Armadillo is pretty cool also.  Though a little time consuming to apply, it really keeps the gun finish looking great (It's a Raincoat for your gun) and I've just been told to use it on the outside and inside of my mags to keep this Arizona dirt/sand from mucking up the magazines!  I'm excited about my mags being more reliable so I don't have clean them EVERY SINGLE TIME I use them!!

Blue Wonder's website is linked to mine.  Go to my "sponsors" section and click on their logo!  I wouldn't promote any of these guys if I truly didn't believe in and use the products!!

Happy Blasting,



Sabre Defence Rocks!

Hello my fellow blasters!

I need to tell you about a rifle company you should definately check out!

I was hanging out at a 3-gun match last March thinking it was a game I wanted to get into.  I have a couple of friends who told me about Sabre Defense!  So, I went to their table and talked with them longer than they probably wanted to.

Long story short, I now have a Sabre Defense AR-15!  I shot the gun in my first rifle match on Independence day.

Right from the factory it worked flawlessly and allowed me to hit every target I aimed at (even those I wasn't supposed to shoot).  Sabre's magazines work, and the muzzle break is sweet.

I think I've got a good thing here!  Check them out for yourselves!

Sabre Defence Industries

What's better than owning a pistol?  Owning a pistol and a rifle!

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