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Jean Treks from Oregon to Mesa for More Shooting Instruction

What can I say...HerHandgun.com and Debbie Keehart and Kippi Leatham are simply awesome!  As a 56 year old woman and business professional, I discovered shooting later in life.  I got my concealed carry permit, shot on occasion with my husband and then one day found the Women of USPSA and knew I wanted more.  Being a novice, I wanted to develop my shooting skills and do it right, from an instructor I knew I could trust.  That's when I met Debbie.  Besides an accomplished professional, she's also an amazing shooter, an incredible teacher and an all around great person and now, new friend.  I traveled to Mesa, Arizona, where over a few days Debbie accessed my skill level and personally tailored one-on-one training to suit my needs.  She was patient, understanding and knew just how far to push me outside my comfort zone while still building me up.  She even guided me through my first ever competitive match, which by itself was a real confidence boost!  Whether you're a new handgun shooter or experienced, if you want to learn competitive handgun shooting or take your skills to the next level, I highly recommend contacting Debbie and Kippi.  The investment for me was well worth the experience and reward.  Thanks Debbie...I'll be back, or you're coming to Oregon!


Jean Heuer, Warren, OR

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To the person hiding behind, Apple iPod Accessories online, posted on July 3rd, 2011.... they may not say it, but I will... you're a moron, a coward and have no clue ! These are professional and accomplished ladies who care about their students and helping them develop their shooting skills to their very best. After I completed my training, until this very day, Debbie has continually been available both by email and phone (at no additional expense), to answer all my questions and offer me advice and encouragement in all aspects of my shooting endeavors. That's what good people, good entrepreneurs and good Americans are all about ! Jean H.

October 21, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterJean Heuer

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