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Blasting in Bali

Well World Shoot XV is now in the "history books" so to speak.  Over 1100 competitors respresenting 54 countries have made their mark on the beautiful island in Indonesia.  I was fortunate to have been one of them!

Here is a list of some of the US winners:

Modified - Jojo Vidanes

Standard - Travis Tomasie

Open Junior - KC Eusebio

Ladies Open - Athena Lee

Teams - Simple, all the official US Teams won Gold!

The Shooting format consisted of 1/2 days alternating morning and afternoon start times.  6 stages were shot each day for 6 days.  3 short courses 8-9 rounds each, 2 medium courses 15-16 rounds each, and 1 field course 30-32 rounds each.

As you can imagine, in order to move 1100 shooters through and keep on schedule; the courses of fire were pretty straight forward.  There were very few options on how to navigate.  Good thing, because we only got 2 minute walkthrus!

Now most will tell you it was an easy match.  Yes, Ive shot more difficult stages; however, we all know that it's quite possible to screw up even the most basic shot.  this match was no exception.  Everyone was gunning to do their most accurate/fastest best!  Of course there were misses and error...."Easy is relative"!

What was easy was getting around the Island and touring!  Our favorite Balinese Travel Agency was stationed at the hotel for the week before the match and all during.  They set up any activity we wanted to do.  The tourguides were very friendly and knowledgeable.  Thanks to them we brought home some very fond memories!

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