"Pistol Peggy" Can Shoot the Center out of Her Target Every Time!


"I really want to thank you so very much for the great job instructing me
at the Sunday class. You girls are the best and I feel very fortunate
to have found you! It was great for us that the class was small and
we got so much individual attention."



In 3 short hours Peggy and her classmates, where putting nice centered groups in their targets and I believe I saw some smiles on their faces!

Ladies, visit for more information on how you too can have fun and learn how to handle a pistol safely and accurately...oh, and it really is fun!


HerHandgun/ Ladies, It's Time to Learn to Shoot a Pistol!

Do you want to learn to shoot to help defend yourself and your family?

Do you want to learn to shoot because it's something different?

Do you want to learn to shoot so you can join the fun with the rest of the family?

Do you want to learn because your significant other wants you to?

Whatever the reason, I believe the best way for a woman to learn is from another woman.  I have been shooting and competing in pistol competitions for over 18 years.  As a certified NRA Instructor,  I enjoy sharing my knowledge with others and showing them how fun shooting can be.  If it intimidates you, let me help you get over the scariness or unpleasantness typically associated with shooting.  It really isnt either of those things!  I'll show you then you will prove it to yourself!  Of course, if you are looking to be the next Annie Oakley, we can do that too!

Education is power ladies!  So, come out and see for yourself!

Please contact us at or Me directly at  You will be glad you did!

Rentals available.  Ammunition provided with rental. 


Jean and Her Awesome "A Zone" Group!


Jean Treks from Oregon to Mesa for More Shooting Instruction

What can I and Debbie Keehart and Kippi Leatham are simply awesome!  As a 56 year old woman and business professional, I discovered shooting later in life.  I got my concealed carry permit, shot on occasion with my husband and then one day found the Women of USPSA and knew I wanted more.  Being a novice, I wanted to develop my shooting skills and do it right, from an instructor I knew I could trust.  That's when I met Debbie.  Besides an accomplished professional, she's also an amazing shooter, an incredible teacher and an all around great person and now, new friend.  I traveled to Mesa, Arizona, where over a few days Debbie accessed my skill level and personally tailored one-on-one training to suit my needs.  She was patient, understanding and knew just how far to push me outside my comfort zone while still building me up.  She even guided me through my first ever competitive match, which by itself was a real confidence boost!  Whether you're a new handgun shooter or experienced, if you want to learn competitive handgun shooting or take your skills to the next level, I highly recommend contacting Debbie and Kippi.  The investment for me was well worth the experience and reward.  Thanks Debbie...I'll be back, or you're coming to Oregon!


Jean Heuer, Warren, OR


Kay Braves the Hot Arizona Weather to Learn to Shoot!

We picked the hottest day of the week to have our one-on-one shooting class.  I think I wore poor Kay out until she finally lowered the gun, looked at me and said. "I'm tired".  Good enough.  Kay had done great and even being so tired she managed to smile as we looked at her centered shots on her target!

I woke up this morning wondering how Kay really felt about her lesson.  When I checked my email I found this: "Thanks Debbie.  I had a great time yesterday and learned alot.  Thanks so much!  You're terrific!  Kay

I think Kay is terrific!

Remember, Firearms Training For Women, By Women....  I can't think of a better way for a lady to learn.

Contact me at or visit



I've been around guns my whole life, but....

I've been around guns my whole life, but have never really done any shooting.  Wanting to learn, I found a class for women taught by women on the Rio Salado Sportsman's web site.  It's with two world class instructors, Debbie Keehart and Kippi Leatham.  I signed up for the basic class to learn gun safety and how to properly shoot a handgun.  What I didn't expect was how much fun it was.  I was fortunate enough to have a private lesson with Debbie who is a great instuctor, teaching all about the gun, safety and proper handling, stance and tips for shooting.  After the class I was so excited about the experience I knew I wanted more.  I attended a HerHandgun monthly session where I was able to practice all that I had learned.  The atmosphere was wonderful and I was able to meet other women shooters.  Debbie and Kippi continued to teach and offer guidance during the the practice session.  I found the whole experience exciting, so much so that I signed up to take another class on competition shooting.  Debbie has helped me with choosing all the proper equipment so that I will be ready.  I can't wait for the class so that I can go shoot with the "big girls".  This has been one of the most exciting and enjoyable experiences I have had.  If I knew it was this much fun I would have done it much sooner.  I am waiting for you to join us and get in on the fun.  Contact today.  See you at the range!!

-MC Moey


A Lady Empowered!

I had a great time and am so glad I did this and did it with you.  You are a terrific instructor - my husband was most impressed with what you taught and my souvenir target.  He said it was pretty good shooting for single action and I had to tell him, "No, this was all double action" - he about fell off his chair and said he'd never be able to hit a target shooting double action (and has never tried it).  So of course I am beaming that perhaps I can do something as well or better than him!  With a lighter trigger, I should be able to really knock his socks off!!


November, 2010


The Perfect Valentine's Gift

My wife and I visited Phoenix for a long weekend from Toronto, Canada in February 2010.  My wife was looking for a little adventure ... so  I thought maybe she should try a "real pistol".  A perfect  Valentine’s gift.

We were referred to Debbie for shooting lessons at an outdoor range.  Not a normal weekend activity in Toronto.

Debbie was great. Understanding and patient with two rookies.

We had a blast!

John & Diane



Giving Back To Our Sport

At least once a year I like to put myself on the worker side of our sport and RO a major match. I just Ro'ed at the Western States Single Stack Classic held in Mesa, Az., at the Rio Salado Sportsmans Club.

After only working 2 days, I have a renewed respect and appreciation for our Ranger Officers and Staff!  An RO has a great responsibility to be fair, accurate, and helpful to all the competitors.  Yes, it is hard work and tiring; but, I always find it rewarding and enjoyable as well.

I urge all you shooters to volunteer to RO or be part of the staff that runs a major match.  It's a good learning tool for many things, even your shooting skills!  And remember, Range Officers and Competitors are all on the same same team!  Working together is what keeps our sport going. Thank you to everyone for being part of this game!



Ladies Only Shooting Class Testimonial

I am so glad that I had "Learn to shoot a gun" on my bucket list!

I've always wanted to learn to be comfortable with handguns and one day own one for self defense.  I had just never gotten around to it.

I joined an organization designed for women to meet once a month and do great outdoor stuff.  The first outing was about three weeks later and I was able to take my daughters.  For the first time we all learned a little about gun safety and how to shoot handguns.  I was hooked.  So, when I got home I pulled out a flyer out from under a pile of papers that I received about a "Ladies Only" shooting camp.

Best thing I've done for myself was sign up.  Being taught by women is very calming and they make it fun.  They don't make you feel like you're an idiot or get frustrated by answering the same questions over and over.  They just really make you want to keep learning and shooting.  They know what your fears are and how to explain things with patience.  You really feel empowered by the end of the camp.  I loved meeting all the other campers and hearing their stories.  It was a wonderful experience.

I have since bought a gun and continue to shoot with one of the instructors ( Debbie Keehart) from camp who teaches locally. (  I felt so comfortable with Debbie that I sent my mom to a beginning class.  You might see me in practical competitions some day thanks to these women instructors.

Thank you for the opportunity and happy shooting

Loralee Stern

Phoenix, AZ

For more information on "Ladies Only" pistol classes, visit Beginning classes and continued education training are held monthly!  We can also direct you to information on "Ladies Only" 3-day camps.

Debbie Keehart